Should I buy Leafly stock? (2024)

Should I buy Leafly stock?

1 Wall Street equities research analysts have issued "buy," "hold," and "sell" ratings for Leafly in the last twelve months. There are currently 1 hold rating for the stock. The consensus among Wall Street equities research analysts is that investors should "hold" LFLY shares.

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What is the forecast for leafly holdings?

LFLY Financial Forecast

Next quarter's earnings estimate for LFLY is -$1.45 with a range of -$1.64 to -$1.30. The previous quarter's EPS was -$1.10.

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Why is leafly stock dropping?

Leafly is facing headwinds from decelerating digital ad spend and slowing sales across the marijuana industry following a pandemic surge. Leafly reported second quarter revenue of $10.7 million, down 11% year-over-year, and a net loss of $1.4 million, down from a profit of $14.8 million in the year-ago period.

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How much is leafly worth?

Leafly Holdings Market Cap

Leafly Holdings has a market cap or net worth of $8.69 million as of February 6, 2024. Its market cap has decreased by -63.80% in one year.

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What is the price prediction for Lfly?

Stock Price Targets
Current Price$2.9901

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How trustworthy is Leafly?

Leafly is the world's most trusted destination to discover cannabis products and order them from legal, licensed retailers. More than 100 million people visit Leafly each year to learn more about cannabis and order online with local businesses.

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How does Leafly make money?

Leafly generates revenue by selling online display advertising and priority dispensary listing packages to companies in the cannabis industry. Display advertising campaigns are sold on a Cost Per Impression model.

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Is Leafly going to be delisted?

Leafly avoids Nasdaq delisting after meeting minimum price requirements.

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What happened to Leafly?

In October, the company received a warning from the exchange that it had fallen below the $50 million market value minimum necessary to list on Nasdaq. Leafly remains on the exchange's list of noncompliant companies. Leafly went public via a merger with a special purpose acquisition company in February 2022.

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Who owns Leafly Holdings?

Who owns Leafly Holdings? Leafly Holdings (NASDAQ: LFLY) is owned by 7.60% institutional shareholders, 355.50% Leafly Holdings insiders, and 0.00% retail investors. Brendan Kennedy is the largest individual Leafly Holdings shareholder, owning 4.67M shares representing 214.41% of the company.

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Who is the CEO of Leafly?

Yoko Miyash*ta, CEO

She has focussed on progressing Leafly's reputation as a trusted cannabis resource and leveraged an understanding of current cannabis regulations, and opportunities for change, to help scale Leafly's marketplace.

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What is better than Weedmaps?,,,, etc., are the best websites.

Should I buy Leafly stock? (2024)
Why do you want to partner with Leafly?

Leafly has a much better platform for businesses than other competitors who draw you in with a bait and switch campaign. Leafly is affordable and fair priced as well as easy to use! Not having to pay extra to post deals is an amazing asset Leafly offers.

What will LUNC be worth in 2025?

According to Terra Classic price prediction 2025, our prediction suggests that Terra Classic price will fluctuate within a range of $0.01663 (minimum) to $21.39 (maximum). Additionally, based on technical analysis and price movements, the average trading price of LUNC is expected to be around $5.17 in 2025.

What will LUNC price target be in 2025?

Terra Classic (LUNC) Price Prediction 2030
2025$ 0.000127
2026$ 0.000133
2027$ 0.00014
2030$ 0.000162
1 more row

What will LUNC be worth in 2023?

Terra Classic Historical Price Performance
Feb 21, 2023$ 0.000166$ 0.000166
Feb 21, 2022$ 50.25$ 54.74
Feb 21, 2021$ 6.14$ 8.07
Feb 21, 2020$ 0.252952$ 0.264269

Is Leafly or Weedmaps better?

We are breaking down each platform to help you decide which one is the best fit for you and your business. Looking from the top down, Weedmaps is primarily focused on finding nearby dispensaries whereas Leafly has a more comprehensive database of products and strains alongside dispensary information.

How old is Leafly?

Leafly is headquartered in Seattle, WA, and was founded in 2010.

Where is Leafly headquarters?

Where is Leafly's headquarters? Leafly's headquarters is located at 111 S. Jackson St., Seattle.

Is Leafly a private company?

Leafly went public via a special purpose acquisition corporation (SPAC) transaction in February 2022.

How do I cancel Leafly?

To submit a cancellation of services, please complete the cancellation request form here. You will need to select the: Cancel my Leafly Subscription option from the drop-down. When you submit a cancellation request for Leafly's services, we create a unique tracking number for your request.

Who makes Runtz?

Runtz is a rare hybrid medical cannabis strain by Cookies. If you're familiar with Zkittlez and Gelato, the overall flavor profile of Runtz is very similar; after all, it's a hybrid of the two popular strains.

Does Wiz Khalifa have his own strain?

The Khalifa Kush (KK) strain was developed for Wiz back in the early 10's, tailored specifically for his personal tastes and held closely within his private stashes in Los Angeles, California. As the industry evolves, we remain consistent in our drive to create a world where everyone can smoke like Wiz.

What happened to strain hunters?

Strain Hunters Since 2008

Unfortunately Franco passed away from malaria in 2017. Arjan took a break from making movies until 2021 where he was joined by Simon, Dust and Oscar on a expedition to South Africa.

How many people use Leafly?

More than 125 million people visit Leafly each year to learn more about cannabis and order online with local businesses.


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