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Cup (US)

Definition: A cup is a unit of volume in the imperial and United States customary systems of measurement. The metric cup is defined as 250 milliliters. One United States customary cup is equal to 236.5882365 milliliters as well as 1/16 U.S. customary gallons, 8 U.S. customary fluid ounces, 16 U.S. customary tablespoons, or 48 U.S. customary teaspoons.

Current use: The cup is typically used in cooking to measure liquids and bulk foods, often within the context of serving sizes. Actual drinking cups can vary significantly in terms of size and are generally not a good representation of this unit. Standardized measuring cups are used instead.


Definition: A liter (symbol: L) is a unit of volume that is accepted for use with the International System of Units (SI) but is technically not an SI unit. One liter is equal to 1 cubic decimeter (dm3), 1,000 cubic centimeters (cm3), or 1/1,000 cubic meters (m3).

History/origin: There was a point from 1901 to 1964 when a liter was defined as the volume of one kilogram of pure water under the conditions of maximum density at atmospheric pressure. However, due to the mass-volume relationship of water being based on a number of factors that can be cumbersome to control (temperature, pressure, purity, isotopic uniformity), as well as the discovery that the prototype of the kilogram was slightly too large (making the liter equal to 1.000028 dm3 rather than 1 dm3), the definition of the liter was reverted to its previous, and current definition.

Current use: The liter is used to measure many liquid volumes as well as to label containers containing said liquids. It is also used to measure certain non-liquid volumes such as the size of car trunks, backpacks and climbing packs, computer cases, microwaves, refrigerators, and recycling bins, as well as for expressing fuel volumes and prices in most countries around the world.

Cup (US) to Liter Conversion Table

Cup (US)Liter [L, L]
0.01 cup (US)0.0023658824 L, l
0.1 cup (US)0.0236588237 L, l
1 cup (US)0.2365882365 L, l
2 cup (US)0.473176473 L, l
3 cup (US)0.7097647095 L, l
5 cup (US)1.1829411825 L, l
10 cup (US)2.365882365 L, l
20 cup (US)4.73176473 L, l
50 cup (US)11.829411825 L, l
100 cup (US)23.65882365 L, l
1000 cup (US)236.5882365 L, l

How to Convert Cup (US) to Liter

1 cup (US) = 0.2365882365 L, l
1 L, l = 4.2267528377 cup (US)

Example: convert 15 cup (US) to L, l:
15 cup (US) = 15 × 0.2365882365 L, l = 3.5488235475 L, l

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Convert cups to liters (2024)
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